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    M: Love Hina Omnibus 1 ( Ken)

    Love Hina, Vol. 1: Ken Akamatsu: : m

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    The Sudden Goodbye. HINATA 046. Looking Through 3000 Villages for a Place to Stay?! HINATA 047. Made Public! Mutsumi s Study Methods HINATA 048. Talk of True Feelings in the Nude HINATA 049. The Disturbance, Liddo-kun! HINATA 050. The Destined Two HINATA 051. A Holy Night with that Girl HINATA 052. A Little Lost Sheep on a Holy Night?! HINATA 053. The Heart-Pounding Bad Luck Cleansing Scheme?! HINATA 054. Love Confession on Ice?! HINATA 055. That Serious Guy is a Criminal?! HINATA 056. Palpitations on the Love Love Boat HINATA.

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